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You Could Earn big returns with Algorand (ALGO), FIREPIN Token (FRPN), and Cosmos (ATOM)


Selecting good coins is the key to ensuring great returns in the future. However, given the huge number of token launches every day, it becomes very difficult for new investors to identify cryptocurrencies that can provide potentially good returns in the future. FIREPIN news…

To identify the best coin, you must carefully evaluate the utility offered by each coin, and also consider various other factors such as tokenomics and future road maps. We have selected three coins that have the potential to ensure good returns in the future.  These 3 cryptos are Algorand (ALGO), FIREPIN Token (FRPN), and Cosmos (ATOM). Each one of them has been selected because of the strong utility provided by its ecosystem. 

Algorand secures sponsorship deal with FIFA

The ALGO Token witnessed a price spike of 5% in the past week and has seen strong volume accumulation after it managed to secure a partnership deal with FIFA. Through this partnership agreement, Algorand will help FIFA in developing a digital asset strategy. Algorand (ALGO) will provide the official cryptocurrency wallet solution for FIFA, and the partnership will allow considerable media exposure and advertising opportunities for the Algorand ecosystem. The ALGO Token was trading at $0.68 at the time of writing and could be poised for further gains in the short term. 

FIREPIN Token registers strong investor interest

The FIREPIN Token (FRPN) is currently being launched through a presale and the second phase will end in 7 days. You can get a chance to purchase the FRPN Token at very low prices during this initial period. Usually, most cryptocurrencies witness a price spike once the presale period ends, and the listing period commences. The FRPN Token will soon be listed on PancakeSwap and other decentralized exchanges.

The FRPN Token will serve as the main currency on the Metaverse being built, by the FRPN team and the community will be governed on democratic principles through a DAO. 

The holders of FRPN Token will also receive a passive income through an in-built transaction tax redistribution mechanism. The FRPN Token can also be staked and farmed.

The FRPN ecosystem has incorporated multi-chain interoperability and will work on more than one network to ensure lower gas fees. The FIREPIN Token (FRPN) will be deployed on Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana with support for more chains in the future. 

To ensure greater accountability and transparency, the FRPN Token is being audited by CERTIK, and the results will be announced soon. The liquidity pool will also be locked for a period of two years, and the tokens allocated to the team will also have a vesting period. 

The FRPN Token has a fixed supply of 100 billion and 30% of the tokens are being sold through the presale route. You can earn commissions on referrals if you buy the FIREPIN Token during the presale period. Follow the links below for regular updates about this exciting new Metaverse token. 

Composable Finance wins grant for cross-chain bridge across Cosmos ecosystem

The Interchain Foundation (ICF) that supports the Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem, has provided Composable Finance a grant for its work on the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol. This grant will help Composable continue its work in developing a bridge to communicate with the Cosmos ecosystem, for cross-chain interoperability between both ecosystems. It will further help in expanding adoption of the Cosmos ecosystem. Composable specialises in cross-chain compatible bridging networks. The ATOM Token was trading at $17.90 at the time of writing, and can be added at these levels. The Cosmos ecosystem is one of the best cross-chain platforms currently available. 

The 3 cryptos described above can help in ensuring an overall healthy portfolio. Remember to do your own research, and you can withdraw profits at regular intervals. You can also reinvest profits to grow your portfolio and receive higher returns. 

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