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Bitcoin Miner Protection Plan Has Started! Compass Mining Is Leading the Way


Bitcoin Miner protection plan has started! Compass Mining Is leading the way. The plan is initially available to approved customers in Texas, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

Compass Mining, a company that sells bitcoin mining machines and hosting services for retail customers, said it is offering its first security product so customers can protect their mining machines from bitcoins. Insurance options for miners are limited, in part because traditional insurers have struggled to provide coverage for the growing industry.

“Bitcoin mining is an industry that is growing and growing. A simple security device like this should be considered the first investment,” Jameson Nunney, the company’s chief strategy officer, said in the statement. The newly launched product is available to approved customers at partner sites in Texas, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

Compass will export it to other sites after it is finished with the migration source client. Compass does not have an office where customers connect their machines. He works as a representative between clients and landlords. “Our security plan is down to the $75 million + insurance policy that we have in place with our vendors,” said Foxley.

The mining industry has had quite a few problems in the last few months. CEO and founder Whit Gibbs resigned in June amid a series of “setbacks and disappointments”, including major delays in supplying equipment and the downing of thousands of machines in Russia. Bitcoin miner.

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