Can Rocketize(JATO) Find After Launch Success Like ApeCoin(APE) And STEPN(GMT)?


The cryptocurrency market is saturated with crypto assets. There are over 15,000 recognized cryptocurrencies and even ten times more unrecognized. Hundreds of tokens like and crypto projects like Rocketize launch daily, and for most of them, success is always dependent on the launch.

Only in rare cases would you find crypto projects with a launch fail making a comeback. Those rare cases will include high utility tokens probably launched in a bear market or had poor marketing with users having to discover them later, organically. These days, cryptocurrencies want to make a mark right from the start before they prove what they can solve in the blockchain landscape.

Rocketize is a new cryptocurrency launching soon, and this article looks at the possibility of the token finding early success like ApeCoin(APE) and STEPN(GMT), which also launched earlier this year.


ApeCoin (APE) is a governance DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) built to support the well-known Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT protocol. The developers implemented community governance to provide users with a more diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem. As a result, all ApeCoin holders now have voting rights.

To comprehend ApeCoin, you must first examine its underlying protocol, the best-selling collection of NFTs, the Bored Ape Yacht Club. This NFT phenomenon began as a 10,000-strong collection. Like most NFT collectibles, each token has a unique set of characteristics that contribute to its scarcity. Some categories include fur color, background color, outfits, and accessories.

The collection grew from a low-price collection to the most priced NFTs. The collection became a franchise under Yuga Labs, owning other NFT collections like Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Otherdeeds For Otherside, Crypto Punks, etc. ApeCoin was created to spread the franchise’s utility further and create value for holders of the major NFT tokens. 

APE found success immediately after launch, quickly soaring to a total market value of almost $7 billion after a few announcements from the team. The bear market rally has hit it, but it is undoubtedly still one of the solid altcoins to note. 


STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app that combines SociaFi and GameFi elements to enable you to earn from physical activities or, as the app puts it, “make your steps count.” It enables players to earn while walking, jogging, or running outside. The project includes a native token called GMT, which can be purchased and burned in the STEPN app to gain access to the project’s features. This includes producing high-quality sneakers, improving high-quality gems, and participating in governance.

The Sneakers offered by the project are NFTs, and by walking, jogging, or running with a specific Sneaker, users can earn GMT, which can then be used to level up, mint new Sneakers, or exchange them for USDC. The app has a marketplace where you can sell NFT Sneakers, and all earnings are saved in the in-app wallet, including a Swap function.

This project has a burning mechanism that relies on players choosing to burn tokens to unlock certain benefits, thereby reducing supply and increasing the token’s value. STEPN(GMT) was launched in March and quickly became one of the best-performing altcoins of Q1. Of course, hit by the bear market rally, we can categorize the token as one to keep a tab on towards market recovery.


Rocketize(JATO) is a new DeFi meme token that hopes to create a community of holders elevated beyond market status. JATO is proving different from the recent memecoins in the market. First, it’s not a dog token, a model which is probably overwashed, with none of them being able to come close to the success of Dogecoin.

Rocketize(JATO) is creating a decent narrative for the bear market rally and could be the memecoin to save the day, just like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu(SHIB) ignited the bull market of 2021. The platform is in sync with crypto slangs like “moon” and others which is a great narrative to push for a price pump for any memecoin.

JATO is a token to watch out for; anyone who wants to make the most profit from this memecoin should not miss the presale.

Rocketize Token (JATO)



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