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Cardano Founder Does Not Take Into Account Improvements


The price of Cardano’s local token, ADA, began the second week of the new year by almost 10%. This is the second week in a row of growth for the ADA after a decline in the previous month. In total, the Cardano token price has increased by almost 30% since the beginning of 2023.

Charles Hoskinson responded to the enthusiastic message from the ADA community by suggesting that we wait for the implementation of the upgrade plan number 1694. According to the blockchain developer, this innovation will “open up” the community and millions of people will work together for growth and profit.

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Cardano’s Age of Enlightenment Proposition 1694: Entering the Age of Voltaire and Advancing Blockchain Management

Age of Enlightenment ADA promotion proposition 1694 is a plan to enter the time of Voltaire, named after the French philosopher who hides the voting system and financial system that should make Cardano an independent and democratic blockchain.

This process is the last, the fifth stage of network development, according to Cardano’s road map. As Hoskinson said earlier, Voltaire will show other companies how to implement the management of the blockchain. “Like we did staking,” the project’s founder said emphatically at the time.

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