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3 Cryptocurrencies to Consider For the Next Bull Run: CashFi (CFI), Solana (SOL), and Near Protocol (NEAR)


Cryptocurrencies tend to exhibit cyclical behaviour and each bull run that follows a period of accumulation has historically delivered huge returns in the past. If you wish to prepare for the next bull run, we have selected three cryptocurrency tokens with moon potential. After a lot of research, CashFi (CFI), Solana (SOL), and Near Protocol (NEAR) were identified as 3 cryptocurrency tokens that could potentially deliver huge gains in the near future. Find out more about these three coins that could help you to gain huge profits during the next bull run. 

CashFi (CFI): Fee sharing model with liquid staking  

The newly launched CashFi platform will introduce a fee-sharing model along with the option for liquid staking for its users. The CFI token will power the ecosystem that includes support for synthetic assets. 

Synthetic assets allow users to bet on the price of the underlying commodity without buying the asset. The CFI token will be used as collateral to mint synthetic versions of commodities. The synthetic asset space is an evolving and upcoming market that could help CashFi in generating potentially huge revenue in the future. 

CashFi will be a cross-chain platform and will also support the minting of NFTs on multiple networks. Users will be able to launch NFTs on their personal marketplaces providing them with greater control over their assets. Since the platform supports multiple blockchain networks, users will also be able to save on gas fees while minting NFTs

The ecosystem will provide support for liquid staking where users will enjoy a greater degree of flexibility while staking Proof of stake tokens. Unlike centralized platforms where assets get locked while staking, users will stake tokenised versions of their assets and will be able to use them in various DeFi apps for generating a passive source of income. 

Users will also get access to the staking feature to earn an additional income on the platform. The CashFi ecosystem is completely decentralized and users will get governance rights if they hold CFI tokens. 

With such great utilities, the CFI token could potentially provide huge revenue for its users in the future. It can be bought on presale with attractive bonuses and rewards. 

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Solana (SOL) sees strong accumulation by whales

The Solana network is known for low-cost transactions and enables users to transfer at a very high speed. The network is powered by the SOL token which has seen strong accumulation by whales. The Solana ecosystem has been developed from scratch and hosts a variety of dApps ranging from DeFi solutions to NFTs. It is one of the first blockchain networks to provide support for Chainlink oracles and price feeds providing developers with a unique set of tools to enable better DeFi dApps. The SOL token could potentially deliver huge gains in the future as the network has plans to collaborate with many interesting projects in the future.  

Near Protocol’s (NEAR) Near Crowd provides community rewards

Near Protocol (NEAR) is a climate-neutral layer 1 solution.  It is powered by the NEAR token that is used for paying transaction fees and for staking inside the network. It has quickly become the platform of choice for developers looking for a fast, low-cost scalable solution. The Near protocol hosts many popular dApps ranging from the music industry to NFTs. The Near Crowd is an interesting feature that allows community members to earn rewards by completing simple tasks regularly submitted by developers. 

Users can withdraw their rewards as soon as they complete a total of 20 tasks. It provides an option for the community to contribute toward building the Near network while earning handsome rewards for their time and effort. The NEAR token could potentially provide huge gains in the future and could be accumulated on every dip. 

CashFi’s unique synthetic assets model could provide it with an edge over other similar platforms since it is cross-chain enabled. Always do your own research before buying cryptocurrencies since they display a lot of volatility in the short term.




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