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How Are Bitcoins Stored?

The bitcoin system is a virtual computer currency bank. A computer wallet stores your bitcoins and allows you to spend them. Since it is based on the web, it is convenient to use and provides security. However, good banks are safe. A BTC

Decisions Against Crypto

Economist Peter Schiff has told Bitcoin investors to sell their holdings. Schiff continues to strongly oppose cryptocurrency which he believes has no intrinsic value. His most recent advice to investors comes just before Christmas, when

Donated Stolen Bitcoin

Alex Holden, a Ukrainian Internet hacker, stole $25,000 worth of Bitcoin from a Russian drug dealer and donated it to a Kyiv-based charity. Rejoice is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian aid across war-torn Ukraine. Its

BTC Supply Peaks

Data from Santiment shows that BTC exchange rate transfer is at ATH. The price of BTC has decreased slightly in the last 24 hours. Daily technical indicators are bearish for the market leader. Blockchain research firm Santiment posted a