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Collectixt (CLEX) And Loopring(LRC) Will Level Up to Solana(SOL) NFT Volume This Year


The NFT landscape has grown over three years, and projections suggest more to come. The NFT market is seeing millions of dollars in daily volume while new solutions continue to emerge as the landscape grows.

Collectixt(CLEX) and Loopring(LRC) are expected to outperform Solana NFTs volume when they go fully operational. This article explains the opportunity to adopt Collectixt early before the blow-up. Early adoption is one of the easiest ways to make money in crypto, and Collectixt looks convincing enough.

Solana is a strong network on its own, being second only after ethereum. However, the wide margin allows new projects like Loopring and Collectixt to seize the advantage over Solana.

Let’s look at each of these cryptocurrencies:


Solana is a public, open-source blockchain that allows for smart contracts, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and a range of decentralized applications (dApps). The SOL currency, native to Solana’s blockchain, provides network security through staking and a mechanism of transferring value.

Because of the rise in the DeFi and NFT spaces, Ethereum fees have skyrocketed, prompting crypto consumers to look for alternatives such as Solana. Solana has since then been an alternative network for NFTs. Before the Ronin hack, Axie Infinity trading on the Ronin sidechain had the second highest trading volume after ethereum. Solana has maintained the second position for a few months, making it the top alternative for NFTs. 

Over the last 30 days, Solana has traded over $60 million in NFTs, while Ethereum has traded over $530 million. Both have fallen over 40% from last month’s figures but are followed closely by BNB smart chain. Solana NFTs have existed from the start and are mostly preferred because they charge lower transaction fees than ethereum.

But what happens when networks like Loopring(LRC) and Collectixt(CLEX), which can help reduce transaction fees on ethereum launch?


Loopring(LRC) is an ethereum layer-2 software platform that attempts to reward a global network of users for running a platform that allows the establishment of new forms of crypto asset exchanges.

Loopring claims that with zkRollups, its exchanges can provide traders with speedier settlements. zkRollups allow Loopring exchanges to execute crucial computations offsite rather than directly on the Ethereum blockchain (as other decentralized exchanges do).

Loopring has also proved to enable NFT trading at a very low cost. The platform has partnered with the GameStop NFT marketplace, and it could be a game-changer to the NFT landscape once cheap fee transactions on NFTs are done with ease.

Collectixt (CLEX)

The Collectixt Token(CLEX) is a new cryptocurrency project to power an NFT-focused protocol into claiming a market share of an emerging goldmine in the crypto landscape. The token would enable utility across the platform’s offering. These perks would include staking, collectixt pay and several other features that give back to holders of the token.

Collectixt seeks to provide a decentralized NFT marketplace owned by the community rather than one business or the founders. The Collectixt marketplace will make it easier for artists to sell their authentic/validated art-linked NFTs to community purchasers. When buyers purchase an NFT on the market, they receive an exclusive license to the original artwork and proof of authenticity.

Collectixt is a DAO-governed platform, and with the increasing growth and adoption of NFTs, it will be one of the fastest growing platforms after launch. One way to position yourself for the opportunity and make some profit is to watch out for presale.

The presale will also be offering several bonuses. With these multiple bonuses, you can increase your CLEX position. All you need to do is buy with ETH and earn 20% extra, buy at the first three presale stages for another 8%, but with above $1000 fiat currency, and earn at least 32%. You could buy more with less and increase your profit-to-risk ratio.

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