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ApeCoin(APE) And Collectixt Token(CLEX) Are Two NFT-Related Ethereum Tokens


The NFT market has grown and is arguably the most performing landscape of 2022. In recent months, you must have read news of an NFT art selling for a ridiculous price. Collectixt Token news..

The situation has gotten more complicated since the year NFTs exploded. Images of apes have sold for tens of millions of dollars worth of ethereum(ETH), new projects continue to emerge, and ethereum has remained a solid backbone of the NFT market.

NFTs have had quite a steady growth; the market had a trading volume of $17.6 billion in 2021– a 21,000% increase from $82 million in 2020. The NFT marketplaces have traded about $50 billion in the first half of 2022. A testament to the growth trajectory of the landscape. NFTs continue to grow while the use cases are building up.

This article discusses the opportunity present in ApeCoin and Collectixt Token(CLEX), as both are ethereum tokens with NFT use cases. ApeCoin was launched earlier this year and was a top-performing token in Q1 2022 despite the market condition.

Collectixt Token is an ethereum token aiming to power a new NFT marketplace to claim a share of the landscape by creating a golden opportunity for users and posing competition to existing marketplaces and NFT solutions.


ApeCoin is an ethereum token that makes it simple to enter the crypto landscape. ApeCoin would eventually have little influence on its NFT background, but it was created to serve as a governance token for holders. The token was launched by Bored Ape Yacht Club’s owners, giving holders of the NFT collection a vested interest in the token.

The token would help govern the interesting use cases coming from the project. Furthermore, the project was designed with security as a top priority. Snapshots are integrated into the system for voting reasons. Every ApeCoin holder must validate their wallet via an authentication process to participate.

It’s excellent to allow your users to contribute to the platform’s direction, but these solutions are useless if consumers are unsure how to complete this work. As a result, ApeCoin provides valuable insight into the process. The purpose is to inform DAO members about their new rights and how they may make their voices heard.

DAOs provide significantly more transparency to the community than centralized alternatives. For one thing, all processes and choices are publicly shared with the community. One ApeCoin is equal to one vote in the ApeCoin economy. This structure allows voters to see how much weight their actions carry easily.

Collectixt Token(CLEX)

Collectixt Token(CLEX) is created to power a DAO-organized platform in which individuals may be original and creative in the crypto world by safeguarding and building unique platforms and an NFT marketplace where people can sell, buy, and auction off their unique NFTs. Collectixt token is built on the ethereum network. Still, the mission is to build a scalable, cross-chain token network that enables creating, deploying, and trading NFTs considerably easier, cheaper, and faster, resulting in a significant rise in trade volume and adoption.

The ethereum blockchain is the biggest network in the NFT market, accounting for over 80% of NFT sales and volume. By launching on the ethereum network, Collectixt Token would inherit a proven and robust ecosystem in NFTs. Collectixt Token’s primary plan is to create an NFT marketplace that ensures more value goes to creators, solves problems of high fees and property rights of NFTs, and provides more support to artists. 

Collectixt Token(CLEX) will be on presale soon; there are several bonuses for early buyers. The best bonus gives you 20% when you buy with Ethereum(ETH) and over 35% bonus when you buy with up to $1000 fiat currency. You get an additional 8% bonus when you buy on presale and stack some money with the referral bonuses.

These bonuses help you lower your entry and derisk before the project launches. By the time it launches, there’s a lot of profit margin to cover.

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