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Killer Crypto’s – The Success Of Presales With Ethereum (ETH), Calyx Network (CLX) and Tezos (XTZ)


If you are a beginner crypto investor and have been trying to get comfortable with the market, you sometimes feel overwhelmed with “experts” encouraging you to buy the next great cryptocurrency… but which one? There are about 17,000 coins in the cryptosphere. Calyx news…

If you do decide on which crypto you want to buy, you have to then decide when is the perfect time to invest in a coin? Now, that would certainly be Presales! Mostly because it gives you the opportunity to buy tokens at a cheaper price. Calyx Network (CLX) has recently started its presale, and Ethereum (ETH) and Tezos (XTZ) had one of the most successful crypto presales.

Here is everything you need to know to maximise your gain. 

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The Perfect Time For Crypto

Timing is crucially significant in the cryptosphere. You should invest in a cryptocurrency as soon as possible in order to maximise your profits and rewards. Early cryptocurrency purchases, such as presales, can generate huge returns because you can buy at a low price and sell for a much larger profit when the price rises, boosting your earnings

Most beginner investors need a lot of market research before deciding to spend their money and all the factors that contribute to these estimations can be very overwhelming to analyse. But, for those in the crypto world, there is no doubt that presales generate massive returns and is the safest and ideal time to invest in a coin. But how do you know exactly when the price will rise? Check these successful crypto presales.

The Most Successful Presales

Ethereum (ETH) 

Ethereum is a network revolutionizing the financial industry via decentralised finance (DeFi). Launched in 2015, the coin operates on blockchain technology which records all of a particular cryptocurrency’s account balances and transactions; these transactions are anonymous and investors can buy and sell cryptocurrency without fearing for their personal information being exposed. 

Ethereum (ETH) is the native token of the Ethereum network and is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market value. It did incredibly well during its presale: It began in July 2014, and less than a half-day later $2.3 million, or 7.4 million ETH, had been raised. Since then, (ETH) has grown into arguably the most successful coin

The coin reached an all-time high of $4,878.26 in November 2021 (+3M per cent increase over its presale price) and just over the last week, Ethereum (ETH) came to 1st place, gaining at 12.7%. On Sunday, Ethereum (ETH) prices reached a $2,974 but the Ethereum price today is $3.132,93 with a 24-hour trading volume of $17.6B. It has a market cap of $376.2B and a circulating supply of 120.1M coins.

Calyx Network (CLX)

The Calyx Network (CLX) is a project that allows multi-blockchain crypto trading and the sourcing of liquidity from diverse liquidity sources. It also allows for investors to switch between the tokens in a single transaction at the best prices amongst all the aggregated liquidity sources (DEXs); this feature facilitates the trade and swaps of tokens.  

The Calyx Token (CLX), the native cryptocurrency of the protocol, has just begun its presale. The token (CLX) will play a very essential part in achieving the network’s economic, fiscal, and governance goals; and investors will also be allowed to vote.

The crowd sale price for 1 Calyx (CLX) token is $0.10 and the maximum supply for the token will be 500M. As market experts have said that its price growth rate will explode during the presale, it is important to buy as soon as possible because what you buy will be worth a lot more in a few hours (and days).

Tezos (XTZ)

Tezos (XTZ) is a new decentralised blockchain-based on smart contracts and governs itself through the digital commonwealth. It comprises a very sophisticated and advanced infrastructure based on verification through the mathematical structure to prove the code governing transactions. 

Tezos (XTZ) is the favourite cryptocurrency of many investors because of its successful presale; the ICO was huge and since its creators did not cap the number of tokens sold, Tezos (XTZ) sold in massive amounts. Having raised a whopping $232M in its first two weeks, crypto experts speculate that Tezos’s (XTZ) immense success will continue as, since the end of January, it increased by 37% to $4.30.  




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