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Fintech Ejara of Cameroon Raised $8M in Investment Round


Fintech Ejara of Cameroon raised $8M in investment round. Just over 12 months after raising $2 million, the Cameroonian fintech whose app allows users to buy and save crypto assets has recently announced that it has received $8 million in its Series A investment. According to Ruth According to Foxe Blader, Partner at Anthemis, Ejara aims to. is a platform where “the stock market will be available from you, without the need for crypto knowledge.”

Fintech Ejara

Ejara, a Cameroonian fintech whose app allows users to buy and store cryptocurrency in a wallet, recently said it raised $8 million through a Series A investment. UK venture capital firms Anthemis and Dragonfly Capital are leading the new fintech fund round.

Mercy Corps Ventures, Coinshares Ventures and Lateral Capital which, like Anthemis, also participated in the first round of fintech startups, participated in the new round. According to a report from Techcrunch, new investors include Circle Ventures, Moonstake, Emurgo, Hashkey Group and BPI France, while Blockworks co-founder Jason Yanowitz is one of the angel investors who joined the round .

The fintech’s latest investment comes more than 12 months after Fintech Ejara announced that it had raised $2 million in funding. Meanwhile, new capital brings the total amount of fintech funding raised in less than 18 months to $10 million.

Commenting on the company’s latest capital increase, Nelly Chatue-Diop, CEO of Ejara, said: “When everyone was taking the other route and building centralized exchanges, we always thought that, if you want to own crypto, you need to own your keys. And that’s pretty much what’s saved us in turbulent times.”

Of the approximately 8,000 customers it had in October 2021, Ejara currently has more than 70,000 employees from nine different French-speaking African countries.

Meanwhile, Ruth Foxe Blader, a partner at Anthemis, said that Fintech Ejara has no intention of “limiting itself to being a crypto application”. Instead, fintech aims to become a platform where “a single house of financial products will be available at the fingertips [of users], without the need for crypto knowledge.”

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