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Huobi Announces Important Partnership With Poloniex


Huobi announces important partnership with Poloniex. After stopping speculation that the two companies are considering a merger, cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced a week later that it will form a strategic relationship with Poloniex.

Huobi Strategic Partnership with Poloniex

According to a statement issued by Huobi on Wednesday, the two exchanges will gradually establish important relationships in a number of organizational functions such as creating an HT environment, integration, financial support and global acceptance, running efforts to build the world’s most advanced trading system and gain trust. The logo of the Huobi network is called HT.

Huobi Consulting will discuss the most efficient Poloniex services for listings on Huobi. This year, there have been many developments in the Chinese stock market. In June, he opened an investment division. Leon Li, a co-founder, said in August that he was selling his shares. Additionally, in October, Hong Kong-based About Capital acquired a majority stake in Huobi. In early November, he dismissed rumors of multiple cuts and resignations.

Creating affiliate programs for stakeholders

According to reports, Huobi plans to move its headquarters to the Dominican Republic. Huobi announced that it is promoting its influencer partnership program on the same day as the announcement of the acquisition, offering one-time services of up to 50% and services of up to 60%. Huobi Global, one of Asia’s largest cryptocurrency markets, was founded in China in 2013.

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