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Looking For King-Sized Cryptocurrency Gains? Invest In CashFi (CFI), Stellar (XLM), And FTX (FTT)


Cryptocurrencies have been instrumental in catalysing the investment and financial services sector globally by infusing new efficiency, thanks to blockchain technology’s potential. Moreover, these digital assets have played a key role in helping investors have more control over their investments and where their money is going. Offering benefits like greater transparency, speedy transactions, high returns, and data privacy, it is not tough to see why cryptocurrencies are winning over people. 

Moreover, as innovators unleash their creativity to launch new categories like non-fungible tokens and meme coins, investors get to choose from a wide array of options and a category that best suits their requirements. So, if you are looking for King sized gains in cryptocurrencies, have a look at CashFi (CFI), Stellar (XLM), and FTX (FTT). Here’s a brief description of their features:

CashFi: Helping Users Generate Wealth With Liquid Staking And Synthetic Assets

CashFi is a decentralised platform that uses a custom qualitative methodology to offer on-chain and off-chain interoperability to its users. With a framework built on Web3 products, the CashFi platform can be integrated with multiple blockchain systems. In fact, it won’t be wrong to call blockchain interoperability to be the platform’s cornerstone for development. It also has a native token, CFI, which can be used for staking and other transactional purposes on the platform. The CFI Token can be purchased on presale.

CashFi’s unique protocol allows users to unlock liquidity for greater yield while staking the CFI Token. Moreover, the token offers users an inter-chain marketplace for NFTs where the medium of exchange is the CFI Token. The platform also has a creator’s centre where users can seamlessly mint NFTs on multiple blockchains at a low cost. In addition, by pitching in with staking infrastructure, CashFi is helping digital networks evolve and take on more capabilities.

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A unique feature of the CashFi platform is the ease with which users can opt for liquid staking. Liquid staking is when a user delegates their assets to an intermediary platform, and the latter stakes it on behalf of the users. At the same time, the user continues to have access to the tokens. Users will have access to their tokens deposited in an escrow account. However, these tokens are not locked or unavailable. Doing away with the usual barriers that are so common on centralised liquid staking platforms, CashFi’s proof-of-stake protocol enables the tokens to grow in value via liquid staking.

The platform also includes support for synthetic assets trading for commodities. Users will also be able to trade derivatives of these CFI synths and earn potentially higher returns in the future. 

As far as NFTs go, the CashFi platform doesn’t disappoint. In addition, the network supports NFT marketplaces wherein users can launch CFI NFTs to collect tokenised tickets, create art and get collectables, among many other features.

If you want to know more about the CashFi platform or the CFI Token, you can click on any of the links at the article’s end. You can also follow CashFi on social media for regular updates.

MoneyGram Joins Hands With Mobily Pay.

Like its name, the Stellar platform has earned a reputation for itself with cutting-edge financial services. Users can send, create, and trade digital representations of all kinds of money, be it dollars or any other international currency or cryptocurrency. Its key USP is that its framework has been designed so that multiple systems can work together on the same network. Stellar also has a native token, XLM, that can be used for staking on the platform. In a recent development, MoneyGram International said it would be teaming up with Saudi Arabia-based digital wallet Mobily Pay to boost its international money transfer services. The XLM ecosystem will be utilised to power the underlying mechanism for transfers.

Goldman Sachs Is Reportedly In Talks With FTX

FTX is a platform that has been built for cryptocurrency traders while removing challenges that most cryptocurrency platforms suffer from. Users can look forward to trading in leveraged tokens and derivatives. It also has a native token called FTT which can be used for staking and other transactional purposes on the platform. These tokens are regularly burned to keep them scarce and ensure price stability. As per news reports, Goldman Sachs is reportedly in talks with cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX to facilitate derivatives for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

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