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3 Cryptocurrencies for King-sized gains: Terra Luna (LUNA), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Calyx Token (CLX)


Terra Luna (LUNA), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Calyx Token (CLX) are three cryptocurrency tokens that we have carefully selected in order to provide an overall balanced portfolio. Terra Luna is a vibrant blockchain ecosystem that has seen a lot of adoption from project developers, and has also released a number of stablecoins along with many interesting lending platforms, such as the Anchor Protocol. Dogecoin is currently the most popular meme coin, and there are rumours that it may be used as a tipping mechanism inside the Twitter app. The Calyx Token is a new coin currently being launched through presale, presenting itself as a potentially valuable long term investment.

Terra Luna continues Bitcoin purchase spree

The founder of Terra Luna (LUNA), Do Kwon has continued his Bitcoin purchases buying a record number of BTC recently. This decision was made to provide extra collateral for the stablecoins issued by the Luna ecosystem. The Luna token has seen a lot of adoption and the network has become more stable. It is now being backed by other cryptocurrencies acting as collateral, including Bitcoin. The yields provided by Luna’s protocols are very high (up to 20% on Anchor) and other similar protocols have a hard time catching up. The LUNA Token can be added periodically as it is a very promising cryptocurrency at the moment. 

Dogecoin becomes the most used cryptocurrency

The DOGE token which started an entire movement of meme cryptocurrencies has become the most used token across the world. The popular meme token is used as a payment cryptocurrency by millions across the planet. One of the most popular features of Dogecoin is that it is fully decentralised and even the founder does not have any interest or large stake in the token making it a true peoples’ cryptocurrency.  

The Dogecoin blockchain is open-sourced and fully decentralised. Dogecoin was one of the first coins to showcase the power of community and how social media can help change the fortunes of a coin. The ability to be used as a payment mechanism inside Twitter would have a positive effect on the DOGE price. Add it periodically and try to accumulate huge volumes as DOGE will remain a popular meme token in the coming years. 

Calyx Token sees rising interest among retail investors

The Calyx network is a new permissionless security protocol that will allow users to source liquidity from different social networks to perform token transfers at the best possible prices. It has seen a lot of interest among retail buyers. The CLX Token is currently being sold through a presale and you can buy it here

The current sale price is at $0.0005 and will continue to rise during each phase so ensure you buy early and take advantage of the attractive bonuses during the presale process. 

The Calyx network will be governed through a DAO and committee members who choose to stake tokens will get to vote on proposals by project developers. Liquidity providers will be able to earn a percentage of fees providing them with an incentive in the long term. However, 60% of token supply has also been earmarked for ensuring sufficient liquidity. 

The major advantage of the Calyx ecosystem is that the transfer will be completed in a single transaction; the protocol will allocate liquidity from multiple blockchain networks in the background and process the transaction swiftly.. So if there isn’t enough liquidity on one particular blockchain network such as Solana, then the Calyx algorithm will route the transfer through another network such as Binance Smart Chain and complete the token swap for the user.  

The maximum supply has been fixed at one trillion tokens and all the unsold coins will be burned and removed from circulation – this will help in further reducing the supply.

The above three coins could serve as potential investments that could help you in expanding your portfolio.

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