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Low Fee Support from QIDEX


The large ecosystem provided by the Qidex blockchain has many platforms that offer a variety of services, from NFT markets, 3D NFT games, digital currency exchanges and many other products that can improve the crypto user experience today.

Today, we will put a special focus on the decentralized exchange “QiDex” that allows almost automatic cryptocurrency exchange using smart contracts to bypass intermediaries in the system; it also allows to create tokens using “Qi blockchain”, but we will talk about everything later Stay until the end!

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What is QiDex?

It is considered as another part of the “Qi” blockchain service ecosystem that features high scalability and low fees and almost 1,000x less transactions/gas than Ethereum. QiDex works as a flexible and easy-to-use token generator, which can be compared to platforms like Uniswap but with lower transaction fees. The QiDex system enables automated transactions between the “Qi” blockchain-helping to create money at any time without the need for third parties with a 0.3% exchange rate that goes directly into the currency; it also allows to create icons in minutes.

How to make money on QiDex? There are ways to earn money on the platform, the first is related to the funders who receive a trading commission of 0.3% on the total amount of money and the other is related to the players who use the “Staking” method to earn money and – pass through by freezing them. cryptocurrencies for a set period of time and based on the percentage of rewards that the pool offers at any given time.

This means that QiDex not only allows users to participate in various ways to make money multiple times using their own “QIE-20” token, a standard token with only 21 million tokens in total, which is designed and “Qi”, and this symbol there. There is no minimum amount required when betting and the APY automatically decreases as more people bet on Qidex.

To Conclude

Being able to create complex tokens in minutes and without technical knowledge can give you a competitive edge to complete the project you intend and what you think can provide a great solution, also have a second market immediately for liquidity can give you what you need. to take advantage of all the opportunities the cryptocurrency market offers you and take your investment to the next level.

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