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MakerDAO is Voting to Raise The Stake of Dai Stablecoin


MakerDAO is voting to raise the stake of Dai Stablecoin. MakerDAO’s governing body is currently debating whether to increase the DAI’s deposit rate (DSR) or DAI’s interest rate that the protocol pays to DAI participants.

According to the announcement of the MakerDAO Open Market Committee, DAO members will vote on whether to increase the current rate of return from 0.01% to one of four rates: 1%, 0.75%, 0.5% and it is 0.25%. In addition, voters have the option of rejecting the proposal altogether or keeping the current yield of 0.01%. Results may vary as more votes are counted, but at the time of writing, 99.7% of votes were in favor of raising the rate to 1%. On December 1, the vote should end.

DAI Staking Output

The scheme, according to the committee, will combine the reverse and fixed cash returns of other DeFi (DeFi) systems, such as Aave and Compound lending systems. According to the proposal, the high reserve rate will help ensure that there is enough money to maintain the support of the stablecoin.

According to information from Block Analitica, the average equity capital of DeFi lenders has increased slightly compared to the previous month. The Committee said that this increase in the cost of financing and the lending process is a reduction in the amount of wealth that the investors bring their money to the US Treasuries, because these seeds are attractive and available more secure.

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