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Cryptocurrencies With Mainstream Integration: Mehracki (MKI), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH)


Mainstream adoption and integration are a way for cryptocurrency to grow to new heights of popularity and value. We are starting to see the dream of using crypto fully in society with real-life use cases and the adoption of cryptocurrencies by merchants and recognizable brands or companies. Even some countries such as El Salvador have adopted crypto as legal tender.

Cryptocurrencies like Mehracki (MKI) are increasing the utility of their tokens through mainstream integration targeting particular industries, such as hospitality and tourism. Crypto giants like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are driving the industry forward with a wide array of integrations.


Bitcoin (BTC) Is Accepted By Merchants Worldwide and It’s Legal Tender in Some Countries

Bitcoin (BTC) was launched in 2009 and created by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, who has since disappeared from the community and left the crypto network to be governed by its miners. It is the largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization and has a huge community of users, developers, and miners.

Despite price volatility and high transaction fees, Bitcoin (BTC) has been remarkably successful at entering the mainstream. It is also the first cryptocurrency to be accepted as legal tender by a country – El Salvador – in September 2021. The second country to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender is the Central African Republic, which adopted the crypto in April 2022.

Further mainstream integrations of Bitcoin (BTC) include businesses such as travel booking company Expedia, which started accepting payments in the crypto back in 2014. Currently, you can use Bitcoin (BTC) on Expedia to pay for hotel bookings.

Ethereum (ETH) – The Second-largest Cryptocurrency In The Market

The second cryptocurrency in terms of both market capitalization and historical significance (both behind Bitcoin) is Ethereum (ETH). It is the largest and most interoperable blockchain network for creating and deploying smart contracts.

Ethereum (ETH) is accepted by several recognised retailers and more. Like Expedia with Bitcoin (BTC), you can use Ethereum (ETH) to book hotels at the travel site You can also buy and sell Ethereum (ETH) on Paypal after the payments giant launched its cryptocurrency service in 2021 that allows users to purchase, sell, hold, and purchase with different cryptos on the many merchant stores that support Paypal. 

Another mainstream integration is in the professional sporting world, as the billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban-owned NBA team the Dallas Mavericks accepts Ethereum (ETH) among other cryptocurrencies.

Mehracki Token (MKI) Integrates Crypto with Travel and Hospitality

Mehracki (MKI) is built on the Solana network and is a community-driven crypto and meme coin. Unlike many meme coins, Mehracki (MKI) is both a utility token and a cryptocurrency that is used as a store of value and for transactions.

One of the first goals of Mehracki (MKI) is to achieve merchant integrations within the tourism and hospitality industry, due to the “feel-good” effect the sector has on its customers and clients, through partnerships, branding, and more.

Mehracki (MKI) is currently in presale. The total supply is capped at 100 million MKI and a portion of the funds raised by this process will be reinvested into ecosystem development including exchange listings, marketing, and an MKI liquidity pool on Raydium. Liquidity farming is one of many ways that holders of MKI can earn additional funds, alongside staking (which also gives protocol governance privileges).

Why Are Crypto Integrations Important?

As cryptocurrency becomes more and more mainstream it is important when choosing investment opportunities. The popularity and value of a token are driven by supply and demand, and the more use cases a cryptocurrency has the more reasons to purchase, hold and trade. Also, consider transaction fees and network speeds: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) can be slow and costly to use compared to recent solutions like Mehracki (MKI).

Mehracki (MKI)



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