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Cryptos that are generating strong interest among investors: Mehracki (MKI), Polygon (MATIC), and Theta Network (THETA)


Meme coins and other digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have seen a stellar year due to the impressive returns that they have registered, thanks to the strong interest among retail players. 

As more investors embrace the idea behind cryptocurrencies, innovators are not shying away from launching new digital assets with varying use cases. If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, Mehracki (MKI), Polygon (MATIC) and Theta Network (THETA) are worthy of consideration. Here’s a look at their key features.

Mehracki: A meme coin with a difference

A meme coin’s value fluctuates depending upon how popular they are online, how they are endorsed by influencers, community activities, and how they are capturing the general public’s attention. However, these factors have also often led to fluctuations in the value of meme coins. Combining strong utility could help in reducing the volatility of these coins. 

Mehracki sets out to solve this problem by having an actual use case and a practical architecture by introducing next-generation features like NFTs, participation rewards, and decentralised swaps. The team describes the meme-coin as a community-driven initiative that aims to uplift the ‘meh’ mood of investors and help them generate wealth.

It also has a native coin, MKI, which can be used for staking on the platform. Users interested in buying the MKI Token can purchase it on presale. The Solana based cryptocurrency is built on a utilitarian model wherein transactions are verified and authenticated within the ecosystem. Unlike most meme tokens, investors can look forward to incentives on staking and more rewards for their loyalty.

The primary utility of the MKI Token will be within the tourism industry where users will be able to pay easily through the cryptocurrency. Hotel owners will be able to accept payments easily and quickly without relying on third parties. Tour operators will be able to mint NFTs to promote customised tours and offer other rewards for their users.

Emphasising building a community, Mehracki takes into account all stakeholders’ views while deciding on its governance protocol. The users are expected to send in proposals detailing the changes they feel are necessary and then the community votes for them. 

Polygon: Tether’s USDT token now available on Polygon

To make Web 3.0 products more accessible, Polygon is an Ethereum-based platform wherein developers can launch dApps cost-effectively and securely. Its native token, MATIC, is used for staking on the platform. 

The platform hit headlines when global brands like Instagram, Adidas and Prada announced their decision to launch their NFTs on Polygon. Recently, Tether has decided to offer its USDT token on Polygon.

With scaling solutions like Polygon PoS, Polygon Hermez, and Polygon Avail, the platform is helping over 19,000 dApps scale efficiently. The MATIC Token can also be considered for generating potentially huge returns in the future. 

Theta Network to feature Metapass

Theta Network is a blockchain-powered video and entertainment platform. It incentivises a global network of computer systems to function as a decentralised video-streaming service. 

It also has a native token, THETA, that can be used for scaling purposes on the platform. Among its recent partnerships, Theta Network joined hands with Metapass, which is a leading permissionless decentralised ticketing platform for NFTs.

To Sum Up

Want to explore Mehracki and its use cases further? Just follow the links given at the end of the article for more details. You can also get more regular updates about the meme coin on its social media handles.

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