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MetaMask Users Will Boycott ConsenSys New Privacy Policy!


MetaMask users will boycott ConsenSys new privacy policy! Consensys updated its privacy policy yesterday, informing Meta Mask users that Ethereum wallet addresses and IP addresses will be held during transactions using Infura as their preferred RPC provider.

Consensys, a blockchain software company based in New York, made it clear that when users make Infura the default protocol provider (RPC) on MetaMask, they allow access to Infura to collect small container and IP address during the transaction. However, if a user uses another RPC provider or their Ethereum node, neither Meta Mask nor Infura will receive their credentials.

Infura is a blockchain tool and API development company operated by Consensys in October 2019, while RPC is a software communication system that allows web applications3 to connect to blockchains. The change has alarmed Web3 users, who believe that Consensys’ shutdown is imminent. As a result, many people in this market have decided to remove their wallets from MetaMask to protect the privacy of their addresses. The update follows a tweet from Chris Blec demanding that ConsenSys clarify its inconsistent privacy policy for MetaMask.

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