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SBF Could Get a Lesser Sentence If He is Arrested Now!


SBF could get a lesser sentence if he is arrested now! John Deaton, counsel for XRP holders in the SEC’s case against Ripple, suggests that Sam Bankman Fried could avoid harsh court penalties.

Sam Bankman-Fried led the FTX crash which caused a huge impact on the digital market. As the FTX campaign spreads, the crypto community and leaders have called on watchdogs to leave Sam Bankman-Fried free until now. However, the XRP lawyer missed his prediction about the possible capture of SBF.

Is the SBF FTX-BlockFi deal a scam?

John Deaton, counsel for XRP holders in the SEC case against Ripple, said the FTX deal with BlockFi was also fraudulent. SBF made it a condition that the money be withheld from FTX as it lends them to its other companies without permission. This is straight up theft. This process has been done many times by the Sam Bankman-Fried which sets the target. He turned the money around to lend to Alameda. However, he used the same money to buy political and other donations.

SBF used customer funds to purchase over $100 million worth of real estate on behalf of its parent. When the XRP lawyer says that the BlockFi agreement only gives the US right to the Sam Bankman-Fried prison specifically. However, BlockFi may file for bankruptcy.

Is the ex-CEO of FTX in danger in prison?

Deaton pointed out that the only valid debate here about the SBF prison is whether it should happen now or after a few weeks. This will be determined after obtaining specific evidence. However, many experts suggest that there is now too much evidence to imprison Sam Bankman-Fried. XRP’s lawyer stated that these actions against Sam Bankman-Fried will make everyone rush to the table to settle with the United States Department of Criminal Justice.

However, if SBF has faced the charges, don’t be surprised to see the final verdict. The former FTX leader may get a lighter sentence than others.

Coingape reported that the Turkish government has seized FTX assets in their country. As they accuse SBF and others of crimes such as money laundering, fraud and fraud.

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