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Monero (XMR) and Algorand (ALGO) Consolidate Whilst Seesaw Protocol (SSW) Could 100x Your Investment


Monero (XMR) and Algorand (ALGO) have seen their prices consolidate and both tokens could be preparing for a huge rally in the short term. Meanwhile, it is Seesaw Protocol (SSW) that is displaying strong bullish behaviour and could rapidly rise to give 100X returns in the short term. The long term scenario looks positive for all three tokens and you could benefit by investing in any of these 3 cryptos. Let’s find out the investment potential and how you can get your hands on Seesaw Protocol. 

Monero Based DEX Completes Funding

HavenoDEX, a new and upcoming fully decentralised cryptocurrency exchange based on Monero has been successful in raising funding for its launch. To ensure the privacy of users, HavenoDEX will be a non-custodial, decentralised exchange for crypto and fiat currencies built on Tor and Monero. The XMR Token has been one of the most used and widely adopted private cryptocurrencies. The XMR Token has great utility and has stayed true to full decentralisation and privacy. 

Access DeFi At Lower Rates With SSW

Seesaw Protocol, a newly launched project aims to lower fees associated with decentralised finance (DeFi) products and services. It proposes a cross-chain and fully open-sourced protocol that will allow users to interact and farm at attractive rates. These will be much lower than the current fee structure of most similar protocols. 

Seesaw Protocol will allow movement across various blockchain networks at high speeds through the use of bridges. The SSW Token will be initially launched on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon but will incorporate other chains in the future. 

To purchase the SSW token, head over to PancakeSwap or the Seesaw Swap site. It is currently trading at a price of 1 SSW = 0.0160 at the time of writing. Seesaw Swap charges a small swap fee and allows quick transfers. A total of $1M has been committed for liquidity purposes which have been locked. 

The Metaverse and NFT marketplaces represent a new avenue of investment opportunity and Seesaw Protocol has interesting plans for both sectors. You can benefit from an investment in SSW as it seeks to leverage the DeFi space and take advantage of the next opportunity in NFTs and Metaverse. 

The immersive experience provided by artificial intelligence and other technologies will drive humanity’s future and Seesaw Protocol will enable users to get their hands on such exciting new services easily and quickly. 

Early holders of the SSW Token could be looking at handsome returns in the future as the full suite of services is launched and the Protocol gets adopted by various networks in the future. 

Bitcoin Bridge Being Developed By Algorand

Flare Receives Algorand Foundation SupaGrant to develop a Bitcoin bridge. It will help in the wider adoption of ALGO as such cross-chain bridges are widely being used by most developers. 

New and more secure bridging approaches are in demand and will remain relevant if the crypto-verse wants to achieve a liquid cross-chain future. The ALGO Token can be considered a strong investment for the future as it is focusing on efforts to develop cross-chain bridges. The ALGO Token has delivered returns of 534% to date and a further potential upside cannot be ruled out. 

Daniel Oon, Head of DeFi, Algorand Foundation, announced the partnership, “We’re excited to partner with Flare and welcome them to the Algorand ecosystem. Our grant partnership with Flare will develop key DeFi infrastructure with a bridge to Bitcoin, opening up opportunities for further collaboration and innovation.”

While other blockchain networks are currently in the process of building bridges, Seesaw Protocol enjoys the advantage of being an early advocate and adopter of this technology. Transferring assets across different blockchains allows users to take advantage of low fees on other networks and Seesaw Protocol should see aide adoption as it leverages this technology. 

Remember to diversify your investment capital across different tokens rather than buying just one coin. Diversification can help in minimizing risk while investing. 

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