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Starbucks and Polygon Collaborate! Here are the Details


Starbucks and Polygon collaborate! Here are the details. Starbuck has taken a step forward with its interactive web service called Starbuck Odyssey. While the project was still in operation, the company launched its beta version on the Polygon network. The web3 experience comes closer to fans and customers of their favorite brands.

Starbucks Odyssey is a Loyalty Program that rewards its customers, where they are rewarded for their brand loyalty through repeated orders or through frequent referrals. As a loyalty program, Starbuck Odyssey aims to reward customers with many benefits and experiences by opening up travel channels.

Travel is a series of fun and engaging activities that customers participate in to access digital collections and points. The total amount earned through the program is called Travel Stamps and the points earned are called Odyssey Points. Both offer unique cardholder experiences and benefits. The Starbuck Odyssey beta is currently only available to a limited number of participants. One can sign up to be on the beta waiting list by visiting its official website.

Starbucks Odyssey is an expansion of Starbucks’ loyalty program. However, it is all about giving members an unforgettable experience and allowing them to participate in many small conversations called “journeys”. Once a journey is completed, members will receive NFTs or a collection called Journey stamps. However, it will help the members to have a better and better coffee experience.

The development follows an announcement made by Starbuck, announcing a partnership with Polygon in September to create a Web3 experience for customers. Starbucks has released plans for the days ahead. The brand is expected to expand the value of Starbucks Odyssey by allowing customers to purchase limited edition stamps made by Starbucks partners and employees. The limited edition pieces will carry the presentation of the brand’s past, present and future artistically.

Having Polygon on its side has helped Starbucks tremendously. Polygon has pledged to become carbon neutral by the end of this year. The official word on this is awaited; However, it is safe to say that the company can offset its accumulated CO2 costs. Polygon’s commitment to sustainability and a thriving ecosystem are other factors that make it a desirable partner.

Polygon is supported by well-known brands such as Stripe, Adobe and Robinhood, among others. Starbuck is looking to make the beta a huge success and continue with the global implementation of Starbucks Odyssey.

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