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The Reasons for the Rise of WOO Token


WOO price has increased by 29.56% in the last seven days following the burning of 705 million WOO tokens, as a step to improve WOO tokenomics.

The twitter handle for the WOO Network ecosystem said that 705 million WOO tokens have been activated as they complete the first step towards a token upgrade. This represents about 24% of total donations.

The WooWork websites already mentioned that the network will work to improve the evidence. Explaining the reasons for the failure of FTX and Terra Sisters in 2022, WOO Network will strive to create an environment where it will not be affected by adverse market conditions.

So they decided to burn a total of 705 million WOO tokens. WOO Token, WOO DAO and WOO Cover are tokenized tokens. However, this process should stop now. WOO is taking steps to gain insight
The network said that it is working on a clear distribution system as the first step, which will be “their recipe for success.”

pThey also responded to concerns raised by consumers and unions about high inflation which eventually led to an increase in inflation. There is a big difference between a large market share and the value of a well-diversified index. To solve this problem, WOO Network decided to transfer up to 545 million WOO reward tokens to a time-locked smart contract for acquisition. Once installed, they will be held in custody until required.

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WOO Token Business Volume Increases By 532%

The price of the token jumped 29.56% in the last 7 days. During the past 24 hours, the price of Token increased from 6.43%. Any Woo Token Costs 0.1644 USD. The market value has increased and stands at 269.094 million USD. The change in the price of the transaction is 532.39% compared to the previous day.

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