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Trump at the NFT Launch


On Thursday, former US President Donald Trump released a series of 45,000 NFT coins at $99 each following a long-awaited hint that a “big announcement” was coming.

Many people thought that this campaign would be connected to the recently announced 2024 presidential campaign of Trump, but here we are. The NFT “trading card” features a digital version of Trump in a variety of kitschy outfits, including a feather duster and an astronaut suit, which Trump described as “movies related to my life” in a promotional video.

According to the website, the launch product is “sold out!” – would have “nothing to do” with supporting Trump’s campaign. They are just a humble collection, he tells us, “a real Christmas present” that will enter the consumers into a frenzy for many prizes, including dinner with Trump, a phone call with Trump, automatic reminders and “many others.”

It is all run by an unusual crypto company called NFT INT LLC that pays the trumpet for the brand that is in the middle of a generally opaque network of front companies, and , obviously, there are already suggestions that he stole the brand. Even the MAGA Republicans have publicly said they will not buy the cards, while many may be focusing on the failure of FTX, suggesting a wonderful – only the best – moment on Trump’s side.

The launch process itself was also the usual Trumpian high-comedy bunch. Soon after the tokens went on sale, reaching $1.17 million in trading volume in the first 24 hours, buyers began to complain about the high payment experience, then said that NFTs were sent to the newly created wallet, different from that of the purser. “They hit them all at the wrong addresses lol” said an onlooker.

Crypto researcher Eric Wall, who bought the card, finally seemed to figure it out after a tense dispute, tweeting that in order to get the wallet he needed to upload a with the correct key to the depth of the Web3 version. But it didn’t stop there.

There are also many “terms and conditions” tricks and explanations. Wall said that when he finally got his NFT card (an 8-bit version of Trump and a rain of gold bars), he read in a good book that the possibility of “dinner with Trump” was on it. dinner” and “calling Trump” is actually “a group call”. The word “won” in the sentence “has won a 20-minute call” refers to and the footnotes clarify other nuances: “Subject to approval and approval; Screenshots are not proof of victory.

Elsewhere, blockchain sleuths who took a closer look at Polygon-based Mint itself said that the initial address also brings many of the rarest NFT collections, apparently saving them for the value of the project.

Everything is “on brand”, many said. And Trump doesn’t like crypto! In 2019 he tweeted, “I am not a supporter of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are not money,” and in 2021 he called Bitcoin “a scam… competing with the dollar.

The launch of Trump’s NFT also comes a year after First Lady Melania Trump launched her own NFT with Solana. Trump supporter and close friend Steve Bannon in Europe, when asked about his opinion on NFT, responded by text: “Trump needs to concentrate. If he doesn’t want to take 2024 seriously, he should let his followers know now. “

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