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UAE Educational Institutions Introduce Blockchain Technology into The Curriculum


UAE educational institutions introduce Blockchain technology into the curriculum.

Many schools based in the United Arab Emirates have decided to implement blockchain in the curriculum.
Some schools have already adopted blockchain-based services. Educational institutions in the United Arab Emirates have launched a new initiative, introducing blockchain technology into the curriculum. As the fastest growing crypto market globally, many schools across the country have moved to implement blockchain and other emerging technologies into the curriculum. A recent move by a school in the UAE aims to make students aware of the future opportunities offered by the blockchain and crypto fields.

UAE to accelerate Blockchain education

In recent days, many educational institutions in the UAE have decided to include courses based on blockchain in the curriculum, which includes Metaverse and NFT. Repton School Al Barsha, one of the city’s leaders, has called blockchain “the technology of the future” as part of a wider push for digital security. Gillian Hammond, director of Repton Al Barsha, said in an interview:

When exploring the metaverse there are many participants and we need to ensure that our students are digital citizens and know how to stay online and understand the sustainability of what they post online.

Hammond added:

We have taught our students that things are not who they are online and that they should not share their name, photo or location. Meanwhile, Citizens School Dubai claims to be the first in the Middle East to accept cryptocurrency payments for tuition. The school accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment options. However, Mark Ryan, who is a teacher in charge of the first exhibition at Raha International School in Abu Dhabi, said that he has been teaching his students how to take pictures and create NFT since last year.

The UAE has always maintained a pro-crypto attitude and continues to accelerate crypto adoption across industries. So, the country’s new plan to include blockchain-related education is not unexpected.

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