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Wall Street is closed until Black Friday, GBTC’s currency decreases on Thanksgiving


Wall Street is closed until Black Friday, GBTC’s currency decreases on Thanksgiving. Bitcoin is holding around $16,500 and Ether is trading in the $1,200 range. Stock and bond markets in the United States are closed today for Thanksgiving, and both open on Black Friday for a shorter trading period. Crypto prices remained volatile after rising ahead of yesterday’s Federal Reserve minutes.

Bitcoin is trading at $16,538, according to CoinGecko. Ether was changing hands for $1,195. Both of these tokens were pre-released on Wednesday before they became profitable. Cryptocurrencies, including altcoins, then traded higher after 8 p.m. AND.

November Meal Section. Meetings 1 and 2 indicated that the central bank would “slow down” its pace. A rise of 50 basis points is expected in December. 14 meetings.

Greyscale GBTC’s payout ratio is trading below -40%. Bitcoin confidence hit an all-time low of 45% on Monday. The planned stock has risen daily since, despite fears that sister company Genesis could declare bankruptcy without emergency funds. Thanksgiving Time

With the market closed for the holidays, Wall Street is taking a break today. The markets open on Black Friday and close at 1 p.m. East. The market of loans in the United States follows an hour of rest.

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