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Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset. As a result, many people feel they should try to plan their investments by acquiring within specific time frames to get the best possible price. However, because bitcoin is traded by investors worldwide 24 hours a day, it is impossible to time a cryptocurrency buy. Fidarzi news..

Centralized banking systems, often controlled by authorities at various levels, can issue new money at will, resulting in hyperinflation. These are just a few reasons why decentralized finance is becoming an attractive choice for the global economy.

Fidarzi’s creators are now looking for collaborations with licensed Electronic Money Institutions or Financial Institutions willing to use Fidarzi as an agent. Following the agent model, Fidarzi Cards will be branded, and certain features, such as FIZI (Fidarzi Token) incentives for introducing friends to the Fidarzi Ecosystem or spending crypto with the Fidarzi Card, will be offered. When utilizing the Binance Card to spend bitcoin, FIZI will behave similarly to BNB.

Does Blockchain Industry Have a Future?

According to PwC, blockchain technology has the potential to boost global GDP by $1.76 trillion over the next decade. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible and forging previously unimagined collaborations between organizations and customers, blockchain technology can provide value to every industry, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, transportation, retail, and government.

Blockchain technology has enormous potential to assist businesses in authenticating the origin of their goods and tracking their movement through the supply chain. Fraud, contamination, and counterfeit products may be recognized in real-time, boosting customer safety while rewarding socially and ethically acceptable conduct.

What is Fidrazi?

Fidarzi (FIZI) promises to provide an ecosystem where users may conduct real-time transactions across many blockchains and currencies (both digital and fiat). To demonstrate the founders’ dedication to Fidarzi’s long-term health and condition as a project with demonstrable scarcity, each founder’s tokens have been locked in a 3-year vesting time lock smart contract.

Because the ecosystem seeks to enlist people with little to no knowledge of blockchain technology, usability and simplicity are essential to design elements. According to the team, great design is unnoticeable. It isn’t apparent or perceptible; it simply works. 

The Fidarzi (FIZI) ecosystem offers interoperability between traditional financial systems and blockchain technology, opening up a plethora of new opportunities for businesses and individuals. Products like the Fidarzi card and its rewards program, which will be discussed more in this White Paper, will play an important role in the development and retention of both our and your businesses.

What is Fidarzi (FIZI) card?

Fidarzi aims to give Card cashback for every transaction made with the card after releasing the Fidarzi Card (a crypto-enabled debit card) as an agency or partner of a licensed financial institution that enables white labeling and branding of a debit card.

The payback percentages will be constructed based on the quantity of FIZI holdings in your Fidarzi wallets. Fidarzi’s debit card product will be constantly improved. The Fidarzi Card allows cardholders to spend their cryptocurrency. 

Other advantages of the Fidarzi Card include savings on numerous spending and travel perks and over-the-counter (OTC) currency rates. The Fidarzi Card will be an essential component of the Fidarzi rewards and savings program, as users can earn FIZI points on card purchases.

What is Fidarzi Affiliate Program?

Fidarzi (FIZI) features an affiliate (partner) program called The FIDARZI Affiliate, which enables users to earn incentives in the form of FIZI by introducing new participants to the Fidarzi (FIZI) project. Membership is free when you join, and all participants are automatically enrolled in the program.

Affiliates in the Fidarzi (FIZI) affiliate program uses an online tracking platform that allows them to sign up and become an affiliate for Fidarzi (FIZI), receive exclusive tracking links, review their affiliates’ performance stats, download marketing material, communicate with FIDARZI representatives via an internal mailing system, and receive messages about changes or promotional campaigns.


The token’s value and utility are expected to rise further, rewarding early adopters. Unlike large corporations and banks, we operate openly to empower all token holders. All FIZI smart contracts will be performed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), enabling the automation of business models and other features while maintaining complete blockchain transparency. The platform’s new market is an excellent time to start trading; nevertheless, you must perform your study and evaluate each risk.

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