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What is the Purpose of the Polygon and Earn Alliance Partnership?


What is the Purpose of the Polygon and Earn Alliance Partnership? Polygon announced its partnership with Earn Alliance, a gaming community on the Web3 platform, to increase blockchain gaming adoption. Another goal of the partnership is to connect more than 100 million players in the country. Blockchain gaming is the future, and the partnership aims to ensure that its adoption brings that future closer.

The development comes a few days before the alpha launch of Earn Alliance. The launch date is December 15, 2022. It is based on the belief that gaming environments can change the lives of players. The belief is well supported by the provision of knowledge, tools and community, courtesy of the Earn Alliance.

Earn Alliance is not only aimed at individual players, but also communities and games that want to reach more players. The success of this partnership will also have a positive impact on other actors.

These two partners bring a lot of potential to the table. Earn Alliance is looking to connect great services with Web3 publishers. These include Atari, Ubisoft, The Sandbox, Animoca and Decentraland. Many projects and editors serve the community well.

Polygon offers fast transaction speeds, low gas bills, and a low carbon footprint. All of these features will allow the partnership to aim for an immersive experience in blockchain gaming.

Earn Alliance brings many other features such as Web3 game directory, game stream wall, community and player profiles and NFT badges. The Web3 Game Directory provides aggregated information about games and other video game content. Players will no longer have to look around.

Polygon and Earn Alliance Web3 Game

Everything will be in front of them. In addition, the Web3 game directory will include general information about the game and a description of the version. Game feed walls work the same as any other social media wall. Players get instant access to important news, company tweets, events and news. The importance of the content that appears on the list wall is customizable by changing the search information and filters.

Players can also choose to enter keywords for more importance. Community and player profiles apply to new and existing guild members. Players can review the program with different badges. The next intervention depends on what they like best. Rewards await everyone who participates in various activities. High participation opens the door to many rewards.

Progress will be saved and displayed in the profile section. Players can click and see their final position in an event or game and all their achievements so far.

NFT badges come in as soon as players complete tasks. These are fuel for hire and are offered in chains. However, players must first complete a mission before being officially awarded the NFT badge.

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