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When And Where to Buy NFT Cristiano Ronaldo Collection?


When and where to buy NFT Cristiano Ronaldo collection? Ronaldo is going to release NFT collection on BNB Chain.

Manchester United will release their NFT collection on Tezos. Ronaldo’s NFT collection will be released on November 18. There have been many developments in the Web3 space. Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest move to the Web3 space is the icing on the cake. The footballer has been all the rage lately, following his controversial interview with Piers Morgan which revealed his relationship with Manchester United and current boss Erik Ten Hag.

The two have had a poor relationship since the start of the season, and in front of him Cristiano Ronaldo could leave the club in January. However, great news aside, superstars and clubs are making great strides in the crypto space.

Today, Cristiano Ronaldo, commonly known as CR7, or GOAT, tweeted details about his partnership with Binance to launch his new NFT collection on November 18th. The digital collection will contain special and memorable moments from the career and life of Cristiano Ronaldo. Unique digital assets will have many cultural assets in them. It is assumed that digital objects can have a personal touch through CR7, including but not limited to automation, personal information and special access to various events. To reiterate the magnitude of the news, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao also tweeted an hour later confirming Ronaldo’s support with Binance. In his Tweet, he said that NFT Ronaldo will be released this week on November 18th. Impact of the Binance X Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Collection on Web3
The partnership between Binance and Cristiano Ronaldo is a huge boost for the currently struggling Web3 industry.

When And Where to Buy NFT Cristiano Ronaldo Collection?
When And Where to Buy NFT Cristiano Ronaldo Collection?

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 NFT Collection

The severe losses caused by FTX have raised eyebrows in the industry and many are losing faith in the company and the work in the space. The support of one of the biggest tokens in football is a huge boost for the ecosystem as it increases trust in Binance and other Web3 services. The news comes at a time when many users are optimistic that trading will follow the FTX event. Also, the CEO of Binance tried to save the company by developing more trust. The CEO of Binance has come up with a way to implement proof of deposit that makes crypto exchange users gain confidence in Binance and the industry as a whole. Ronaldo’s support exposes the company to millions of fans who follow the game. Super football has almost half a billion followers on Instagram and over 100 million on Twitter. Such an audience can increase Web3 penetration and ensure the company’s continued growth.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partnership with Binance publishes a digital asset exclusively on the BNB channel that industry experts have known for a long time. However, the new details discussed today support support from the Web3 technology operator who has recently suffered from negative public relations.

Each non-fungible exhibition will present seven iconic moments that Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved to make his fans have an important moment in his life. According to reports, the football superstar’s relationship with the crypto exchange Binance will last for a long time as many plans have been put in place for the beginning of 2023.

The web space3 now needs more support from these people who have a large following and influence. Supporting Cristiano Ronaldo will not improve the atmosphere in the industry as people recover from FTX, Celsius and other failed crypto projects.

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