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Why Are Crypto Whales Moving XRP Holdings?


Why Are Crypto Whales Moving XRP Holdings? Charles Hoskinson recently said he heard “rumors” that the two-year legal battle between Ripple and the SEC will end on December 15.

FOX Business reporter Eleanor Terrett, however, tweeted, “That’s not true.” In a follow-up tweet, the reporter confirmed that his superiors told him the story was not true. The Hoskinson scandal is affecting the crypto industry and altcoin prices negatively and has left the XRP community angry.

Chaos is everywhere

Crypto whales are trading over 392 million XRP in one day as the news of the settlement in the case between Ripple and the SEC spread. In recent days, Whale Alert, a cryptocurrency whale monitoring service has shared news of significant XRP movements.

According to the latest transaction, the whale is moving a large amount of XRP to the exchange. According to Whale Alert, these wealthy cryptocurrency investors moved a staggering 392,764,221 (392.76 million) XRP tokens in the past 24 hours.

XRP’s significant move coincides with news circulating about a possible resolution to the current legal dispute between Ripple and the SEC.

XRP crypto whales transfer

According to information provided by the crypto whale tracking service, the latest transaction took place on December 12 – the withdrawal of 38,893,182 (38.89 million) XRP worth $ 14.4 million per anonymous whale.

In addition, two anonymous whales mixed 188.5 million XRP worth $72.83 million. An unknown whale withdrew 30 million XRP ($11.67 million) from Bitso.

Another Binance user withdrew 37,371,039 XRP tokens ($14.14 million) from an unknown address. The XRP whale has brought back a lot of cryptocurrency since the news broke.

How will it affect XRP? The next thing we have to do is sit back and watch. In the meantime, there is much talk about the consequences in the surrounding community. As the decision approaches, we can expect a direct impact on the price of XRP. Customers should exercise caution due to potential market fluctuations. In theory, the price of XRP can increase between 50 and 60 cents.

On the other hand, pumps and dumps may occur in response to such news, causing the price of XRP to drop significantly. For blockchain, this will be the next big disaster. If the claims are true, XRP may be directly affected by the high court decision, which is difficult to predict.

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