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Will Twitter 2.0 Accept Crypto Payouts?


Will Twitter 2.0 accept Crypto payouts? Twitter 2.0 is where Elon’s team is delivering impressive results.
Other leading tycoon companies, including Tesla, accept crypto payments. Twitter’s chances of accepting payments from digital assets are increasing as blockchain adoption grows.

Twitter 2.0 is where Elon’s team is delivering impressive results. Now that Elon Musk’s crypto-friendly platform is in charge, blockchain enthusiasts can expect a better attitude towards their country.

The community cannot help predict when the platform will accept crypto payments. Whether their hopes or expectations correspond to reality is another matter entirely.

Will Elon add crypto to Twitter? In a tweet dated Nov. 27, Elon shared recent achievements on Twitter 2.0 by carefully leaving the “Payments” slide blank. The move left the country speculating, with analysts suggesting big news in the near future. Other achievements announced by the mogul include: registering new user registrations and active units, daily active users up to 250 million, and preventing reports of hate speech and copying.

Twitter 2.0 updates include encrypted messages, longer tweets and the reintroduction of “BlueVerified”. Elon has been a big supporter of digital assets, when his arrival for the platform was completed, the market capitalization of digital assets jumped.

The mogul’s other businesses accept digital asset payments, Tesla customers can, for example, pay for products with DogeCoin (DOGE). Elon is a long-time DOGE supporter. On May 8, during a TV show on Twitter (Saturday Night Live), Elon called himself the Dogefather, the word saw DOGE skyrocket and set an all-time high at $0.73. There have been many discussions on the platform of that nature, all of them affecting the price of DOGE.

Regarding the platform, however, it is difficult to predict how digital payments will be. Like most social media platforms, money revolves around advertising and subscriptions that can be paid for in digital assets.

DOGE for Twitter 2.0 Pay?

If so, the announcement will have a significant impact on the price of the meme token.

In the past, in the case of Elon Vs Twitter (when an attempt was made to withdraw from the platform agreement), information about the chain between Elon and other disputants was leaked. One in particular, with Boring Company CEO Steve Davis, explored the possibilities of the Twitter blockchain. The tycoon discussed the possibility of charging 0.1 DOGE per tweet / retweet and moving the social platform to the blockchain. However, the idea was not very good and was later deemed impossible.

Crypto and social media

Digital assets do not have a smooth relationship with social media platforms. In 2019, Facebook banned all forms of digital asset advertising, including influencers. Youtube has also made similar efforts. Platforms have changed their position in digital assets. In October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, shared his vision for Metaverse calling it the next chapter of the Internet. He added that social media is their DNA and that they are “a technology company that connects people, and the metaverse is the next frontier.”

While private companies are taking risks with blockchain and digital assets, unregulated platforms are taking the technology further. Users share their dissatisfaction with how company platforms handle privacy, analytics, data theft, sharing and user management, among other usage policies. These provide an unlimited platform to attract new users by keeping them in check. Although the platforms are often complex and fast, they provide peace of mind that only one motivated person can still come in and destroy the market.

Some of the non-profit platforms that can disrupt social media include Lens Protocol, Steemit, Only 1, and Mastodon. All platforms said the user base is growing in 2022.

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